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The past couple of months have definitely been a crazy time in the Haynes’ household. It all started one Friday night in early May when my husband came home and said “I have a crazy idea!” Next thing I knew we had decided to sell our home and had exactly 2 weeks to get it ready to go on the market.

Over the past few months the real estate market has turned into a huge seller’s market, where houses are selling fast! Our agent said he even thinks the housing shortage will last as long as late 2022 or even 2023. So with the knowledge that our house might be a little bit of a hard sell in a normal market, a list of home improvements we’d been putting off, and a crazy idea we had exactly 14 days to get our house on the market.

The past 3 months have seriously flown by from getting everything ready, to vacation, and showing our house literally everyday for 2 weeks we finally had a great offer and we were in the final stages. Once the house was under contract, we had the a/c go off after the home inspection and didn’t have air conditioning for 2 weeks during a heat wave, which impacted our ability to get things decluttered and pack for the big move, not to mention all of our sanity.

Now that we are out of the house and in our newly downsized place, I’ve really come to a realization about how much “stuff” we had and still do that we don’t really need. I’m excited to share some decluttering blogs coming up soon. My boys are now sharing a room, which I was apprehensive of being so young and having different sleep schedules but they absolutely LOVE it. Most of the toys have stopped being mine or his and are communal, and I get to wake up to them talking up a storm to each other most mornings. It’s the sweetest thing. I also have WAY less to clean and pick up which 1. is a huge time saver but most importantly 2. frees me of one of my least favorite things to do. My husband isn’t quite sold on the smaller space yet (even though all of this was his idea), but as we finish unpacking and get a little more organized I think he’ll be jumping on board.
Once things settle down we will start thinking about the next steps. One of the biggest reasons we decided to sell our home so quickly and move into an apartment was to take advantage of the market to get top dollar for our home. With that done we now have to start thinking about where we will live next. Houses are so expensive right now both turn key and builds because the construction costs have also skyrocketed. We want to make sure that we also wait to take advantage of the market yet again, so we decided to move into an apartment and wait to the real estate bubble to pop and have costs come back down that way we will get the best deal for our family. So hopefully we will continue on this adventure as the year comes to a close and find our new home.

What’s the biggest life change you’ve done on the fly?

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