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Getting Things Done

Have you ever had so much going on in your head, the constant lists of everything you need to get done, all the appointments you have to make/take people to, all while balancing your kids needs, the house responsibilities, and everything else going on that things start slipping through the cracks? After spending so much time at home this past year, I really noticed my to do list getting longer by the day. I found myself feeling overwhelmed trying to keep all my responsibilities straight. From keeping up with the house, managing my kids, making something to eat every couple of hours (how are they always hungry?), and remembering everything that needed to get done I spent more time making lists of everything I needed to accomplish than actually checking anything off. My mom introduced me to a new method that has helped me organize my thoughts in a way where I’m not spending my time trying to remember everything and instead am able to focus on getting things done.

It’s a book by David Allen called Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. In this book his main point is that if we free up our brain from the responsibility of remembering everything we will free up the space to process and create at a higher level. I started implementing this method in September and found my day to day tasks and monthly plans under control, even long term goals are getting chipped away at step by step.

Getting Things Done is a 5 step process where we (1) Capture (2) Clarify (3) Organize (4) Reflect and (5) Engage.

So before we capture what has our attention, we need to set up our workspace. Make sure you have a) a space set aside to use as an inbox (a place where you will keep all the items you need to process) b) paper and pens c) a calendar and d) a trash can. I have my inbox set up in my kitchen because it’s the center of my house and where I am 90% of the time I think of something I need to do/remember.

Now you are ready to capture everything that has your attention! Set aside some time; when I did my initial “brain dump” it took me a few hours to get everything in my head out on paper. Step 1 is to gather everything that is not in a permanent place. Gathering everything lets you be able to continue to capture thoughts because it makes sure every loose end you have is located in one place and you will be able to get to it in the later steps. Once you have physically gathered all your loose ends grab your pen and stack of papers and write down everything. Every thought, project, idea, whatever has your attention, write it on a separate piece of paper and put it into your inbox. Yes I know this could be a super tall stack once you’re done with it! Take you time and don’t be afraid to write down all different kinds of ideas. I put down everything from do laundry to take a trip to Israel with my family. It’s about getting everything in your head out so then you can clarify what you want to do with it.

So this week jump in with me as we Get Things Done in 2021! Take some time and get your brain dump done and check back next week for the next steps!

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