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2020’s Household Breakdown

In my 2020 Goal post I broke down the Haynes’ family goals, so I’m continuing the break down of our 3 goals for the first half of the year with some more detail on what we are doing to meet our “get it together: household” goal. Plus I’m always looking for feedback on what you guys have found useful in hitting goals like this!

I’ll be the first to admit that having a perfectly organized and clean house at all times is not one of my strengths. I tend to start multiple projects, never fully finishing the first one, and always have clutter of some sort laying around. Over the last 2 years after cutting back at work to 17 hours a week, I realized my biggest problem is with so much time at home I see too many things that need to or could be don, so I get a notebook and make lists and plans and then get only a few of the items corssed off. I spend too much time in the planning stage and not enough in the doing stage.  For a more result driven 2020 my focus this month has been to develop a routine that fits my style of getting tasks checked off and covers all the things that need to get done.

So first I made a daily routine list that chunks out the time that I have commitments (including drive time) and began to fill in the chores or extras from there. Shoutout to my awesome momma who created this document that works perfectly to breakdown each day of the week for me!

The thing I love about this type of schedule is that it breaks down my day and visually shows me where my time comittments are and where I have free time. It also allows me the freedom to chose which chores I do each day. I created a chore list based on how often each item needs to be done and gave myself a weekly goal so I can pick and choose what I want to do as long as it gets done by the end of the week, month quarter, etc.

The goal of implementing this way of knocking out chores and dividing up the tasks that I hate to do piece by piece instead of all in one go is to create a smooth running household. This is super important to us this year as we prepare for a new baby knowing our schedules are going to change again, but this time we will have a foundation in place that will make life easier to adapt to without missing too many beats.


How do you help keep your household and/or family running smoothly?

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