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The snow has finally blown in, we’ve done the snow angels, snowmen, and snowball fights… now what? With a week of ever increasing inches of snow check out these 5 activities (both indoor and outdoor) we love to do on snow days!

Snow Volcano

For anyone with STEM loving kids:


~2 spoonfuls of baking soda
~1 spoonful of dish soap
~a few drops of food coloring
~1 oz vinegar
~small plastic container


~Take the plastic container and place it on the ground
~Build up snow around the container. Keep the opening of the cup free and pack the snow tightly.
~Add baking soda, dish soap, and food coloring to the container
~Add the vinegar and stand back
~Watch the eruptions!


Monster Snow Shoes/Skis

For the imaginative kiddo:


~Hole Punch, Sharpie, Scissors


~Take your sharpie and draw the shape you want for your monster feet or draw a ski shape for skis.
~Cut them out and then punch 4 holes for the string.
~Thread the string through the holes to tie to you kid’s shoes.
~Go on adventures in the snow!


Snow Painting

For your artistic little one:

Indoor Option

~Food coloring, paint brush, water, snow, and containers to hold snow and paints


~gather snow and put into container
~put a few drops of food coloring and dilute with water
~paint and have fun!

Outdoor Option

~Food coloring, water, and squeeze bottles


Mix water and food coloring in squeeze bottle
Use to paint outside!


Snow Vanilla Ice Cream

For your future chef:


~8-12 oz cups fresh, white, new-fallen snow
~10 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
~1 tsp vanilla


~Fold snow, condensed milk, and vanilla together



For warming up those cold bones after playing outside (along side a cup of hot chocolate of course)!

This is such a great way to get the blood pumping to warm up and such a fun game to do with family members of all ages.

*Rachel’s tip*

If you have little ones that can’t read, print pictures of what they will act out, that way they don’t have to show someone to be able to participate. It empowers them to feel like such a big kid!


What are your favorite snow day activities?? Drop a comment below!

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