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5 Winter Activities to Do with Your Kids

I know as moms, especially those with very active littles, we are always looking for new activities to keep them busy. So check out some of my favorite winter activities to do both with my little man and to occupy his time to let me get some of my To Do List knocked out.

Sensory Tray Activities

These are some of my favorite things to do with my little guy. They take almost no time to put together! All you need is a tray, baskets (to collect the toys), utensils, sensory play, and some winter themed toys or figurines or nature items (ex: pine cones). Some of my favorites for the winter are ice trays, snow trays, or frozen shaving cream. To assemble get your tray and put your sensory play inside (ice cubes, shaving cream, or snow) then add your themed toys. I always have 1-2 extra trays 1 to put the utensils in and the other to collect the toys as he finds them.

Check out this link to make your own fake snow!  Thanks to The Best Ideas for Kids.

Follow us on Instagram and check out the Kid’s Corner Stories for a video demonstration of putting together some winter themed trays.

Build a Snowman Activity Tray

This is another activity I love because it can be done with all ages, and it fosters their creativity; plus it has a super easy set up! You just need to get a divided tray and supplies. You’ll need white felt circles (you can also you foam cosmetic pads), small twigs for the arms, orange felt cut into carrot noses, and other odds and ends to decorate your snowman. I personally like to use small buttons, dried beans for the eyes, plastic ice crystals, and other odds and end I have lying around my craft room such as ribbons or foam for scarves, hats, or just an extra flair. Some kiddos like a tray as a designated work space, or you can add glue to make a more permanent snowman.

STEM Activities

I love STEM because it encourages problem solving skills and teaches them about the world/their environment.  These winter activities are science focused and have a really cool result.  Instant Ice: Is it Magic?  You only need 3 things for this activity: a bottle of water (I’d have a few ready to go b/c I’m sure your kiddo will want to do this experiment more than once.), a couple of ice cubes, and a small plastic container.  Check out Living Well Mom for a step by step guide.

Salt Crystal Snowflakes: Bringing the Snow Indoors.  All your going to need is salt, mason jars (one for each snowflake), pipe cleaners, and clothes pins.  First you will make your salt water: bring 3 cups of water to a boil (per mason jar) and add salt until crystals form on the surface.  While you are doing this have your kiddos design their snowflakes (make sure they can easily fit through the mouth of the mason jar).  Once your mason jars are ready add a pip cleaner stem hanger and use the clothes pin to hold them in place.  Set in a sunny window for 2-3 days, once they are ready remove them from the jars and then let them dry.

Igloo Construction

This craft really works on fine motor skills and comes with a yummy snack in building materials. All you need is a Styrofoam bowl, toilet paper tube, mini marshmallows, and glue or toothpicks. First cut the flat edge off of the bow. Next cut your toilet paper tube into 3 inch pieces and then cut in half. You should have an arch shape. Use that shape to trace a dome shape on the bowl and cut it out. Hot glue the arch to the bowl and you have your igloo base! Next put some mini marshmallows in a bowl and set out the glue or a bowl of toothpicks and let your little one get to building!

Winter Movement Activity

I love anything that works out extra energy from my busy little boy! Check out Natural Beach Living for a printable winter themed cube. You just throw on some fun music (we are currently loving the anything from Aladdin or The Jungle Book) and take turns rolling the cube and then having your little one act out the action. It’s a great activity to do before nap or bed times to get out all those extra wiggles!


What’s your favorite winter craft/activity to do with your kids?

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