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5 Valentine’s Day Activities to Do with Your Kids

This month is a time to celebrate the love in your life!  So I’ve collaborated some fun ideas to do with your little ones to bring the love and laughter (and maybe a little mess) into your home.

Conversation Heart Activities

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day is all the heart shaped candies. So grab a bowl of your favorite, we use Sweetheart Tarts, and have some fun!  There are a number of options to use these candies, but I’m just going to list 3.

  1. Conversation Heart Bingo: There are a ton of different free downloadables on Pinterest you can bring out and make this a fun family game night this week! Check out this link from Artsy Fartsy Mama for one.
  2. Learning Numbers/Letters: Write some letters or numbers on a chalkboard, then call our different letters/numbers and have your little one put the candies on it.
  3. The Tower of Hearts: All you need is your candy and a pair of tongs.  Have your little one stack the hearts on top of each other.  This is a great activity to promote fine motor skills.
Cookie Cutter Painting

This is another activity that has a quick set up, but be prepared for a little longer clean up.  Grab a shallow tray and put in some red or pink paint and grab a couple of heart shaped cookie cutters.  Have your little one dip the cookie cutter in the paint and use their creativity on canvas or paper.

Mom Hack: I let my little on do these kind of activities in just underwear and then jump straight into the tub!  Skin is WAY easier to clean than clothes.

Photo Credit: Hands on as We Grow

STEM Activities

This month’s stem activity is baking soda science thanks to Little Bins for Little Hands.  You just need to gather a few kitchen supplies (baking soda and vinegar), water with a few drops of dish soap, eyedroppers and squeeze bottles, a tray, and a few items to pizzazz it up (glitter, food coloring, heart shaped contains and/or cookie cutters).

To set up your science experiment grab your tray and put in a small bowl of baking soda, a squeeze bottle with your water/soap mixture, and a small bowl with red food coloring and vinegar mixed together along with an eyedropper.  Also set your cookie cutters and heart shaped containers in the tray along with glitter if you choose to use it.

Then let your little one enjoy mixing the water and vinegar with the baking soda and watching the reactions!

Counting Hearts

Working on counting skills?  Cut out 10 paper hearts and write a number on each one.  Give your little one a bowl of pom poms and have them put the right number of pom poms in each heart!

Stained Glass Hearts

Looking for something to catch the light? For this one all you need is tape, construction paper, and tissue paper.  First cut out a large heart from construction paper and a second heart in the middle of that.  You should be left with what will e the border of your stained glass.  Then let your little one embrace their creative spirit by taping small pieces on tissue paper onto one side of the heart.  Once the inside space is covered hang their artwork in a sunny window and enjoy!

Photo Credit: Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten



What do you do with your kiddos during this holiday?

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